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  5. "你能来机场接我吗?"


Translation:Can you come pick me up at the airport?

February 19, 2018



Could you come to the airport and pick me up?

Don't know why this is wrong.


Although Duo's hint says 接 means "pick up", the literal meaning is "to welcome or meet someone". In American English "pick up" means coming to get someone with a vehicle, but I don't think the Chinese 接 is only used with that meaning. If someone was coming to meet you without a car, it's something you would want to know.

That being said, your suggestion is similar to Duo's and should also be accepted.


It is fine. Report it


'Can you pick me up at the airport' would probably be the most idiomatic.


"Can you come to the airport to fetch me?", "Can you come to the airport to pick me up?", "Can you come and pick me up at the airport?" etc. I tried a lot of different versions. Reported 9th November 2018


English speakers of English would like an 'and' between the verbs if both have to be used to show a 'proper' translation. i.e. Can you come and pick me up ...

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