"Rafael tiene una amiga inglesa."

Translation:Rafael has an English friend.

February 19, 2018


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"Amiga" implies that it's a girl. In English, if we wanted to tease Rafael, we could say, "He has a English girlfriend". Do you think that should be an acceptable translation?

February 19, 2018


Clearly not. girlfriend = novia. Yes, amiga is feminine, but it's pretty clear that they don't have a romantic relationship. However, the teasing part is completely possible in Spanish too. When a guy says he has una amiga, we often ask ┬┐amiga o novia? = female friend or girlfriend?

February 19, 2018


Could the correct answer also be masculine? un amigo ingleso?

April 12, 2019


In Spanish una amiga inglesa implies a female friend and in England we would say his girlfriend not meaning a " novia ".

March 26, 2019


Is Rafael translated to Ralph in English?

May 16, 2019


Names are not normally translated because the actual name does not change. However, if Rafale is in the US he can call himself Ralph, but that is his business. His passport still says Rafael.

June 5, 2019


why not stick to simple names. Or at least not mark me wrong for spelling

August 28, 2019


I got the entire translation correct but spelled Raphael like my friend spells his name. So it was counted wrong! What the heck?

September 2, 2019


Amiga is a girl friend, not friend.

May 12, 2019


Names should be given right

September 15, 2019


When you're listening then typing the name how are you supposed to know the spelling to "give it right"?

September 17, 2019


I... didnt know how to spell Rafael.

October 4, 2019


Should be marked correct for girl, or female, friend!

October 10, 2019
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