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German Fluency at 18% after two lessons?

Hey all,

I already have 18% despite just starting the tree. Has anyone else ran into this? Is it a glitch or are they counting on our English fluency to already understanding nearly 20% of the vocabulary?

February 19, 2018



hi there, people will tell you fluency is not accurate, it also happened with me but it got slowed down after I reached level 2 and a fluency of 23 % just after 4 lessons


Ignore fluency rates.


Hi there, that fluency is not really accurate since it reflects how hardworking you are, may be it will drop after a few days when your vocabulary starts to fade =)))

[deactivated user]

    It's more likely just to give you an incentive to keep going at the early stages of the course. That rapid fluency growth will slow down and eventually hit a plateau.

    Sill, like others said, don't pay much attention to it... it has no real world equivalence.


    Yes I agree with Nuno275251

    Duolingo provides a variety of things to motivate you - whether it be reaching the next level, increasing the % fluency, finishing a skill, finishing the tree, keeping the tree golden. Different things motivate me at different times. I find that wanting to learn more AND great comments on these discussion boards help me the most!

    I do like to see my fluency % increasing (even though I know it isn't accurate), so I'd argue against ignoring it - but viewing it as progress.


    I expect it's just salesmanship. "Look at how much progress you made in so little time." It starts progressing 1% per lesson after about 10 lessons, and even at that rate I'm sure it will say I'm fluent well before I really am. (or maybe the rate of increase will keep declining and I'll never be fluent, which is more real-world!)

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