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My progress on iPod isn't transferring to computer & the lingots I earned are gone.

I was at my grandparents house the other day, trying to explain to my grandmother that no, I do not go to bed at 7:30. So, eventually, I won and went to go do some duolingo. I had been using my grandmothers laptop which has its own wifi or whatever but that crashed, so I had to use my ipod which DIDN'T have wifie. I completed two lesson's on Dative Case, which got me past the checkpoint, and then I did a lesson in either negatives or Dative Pronouns I forget. But I also earned like three lingots, one for a perfect lesson no hearts lost, and two for completing Dative Case. But when I got home and got on the computer, none of it was there. This was yesterday and it still hasn't transferred over. Do I have to do it all over again? Because I used the offline mode and does it not work? Has anyone else had this problem?

April 16, 2014



you might have to redo it and if you don't have wifi again just get the app


Did you connect your iPad to the internet in the meantime?


I have this problem constantly and it's getting very frustrating. I talked to support about it, but nothing to help so far. When working offline, sometimes the progress will be transferred when you go back online, sometimes not. Sometimes it helps if I log off and log back in, but not always. I do the same lessons over and over again until eventually, it gets transfer. Lesson is, don't work offline I guess?


I really wish they would add an online/offline switch to handle this correctly!

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