Translation:I am going to go to Barcelona next month.

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Is the Voy a ir construction really necessary? My answer was, ¨I am going to Barcelona next month,¨ and it was accepted just fine. Could one simply say, ¨Voy a Barcelona...¨¨?

9 months ago

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I know that in English, the I'm going to go sounds redundant, but not in Spanish. Basically, here are all the possibilities in Spanish (and their explanation):

  • Voy a Barcelona = I go to Barcelona. It's a present which means 1) it's a habit (Voy a Barcelona cada año = I go to Barcelona every year) 2) it's an action during the moment of speech (Voy a Barcelona ≃ I am currently going to Barcelona) 3) it's a certain future, a project (Voy a Barcelona mañana = I go to Barcelona tomorrow)
  • Voy a ir a Barcelona = I'm going (to go) to Barcelona. It's a near-future, which means a project or a prevision. It literally mean I decided that I wanted to go to Barcelona in the future
  • Estoy yendo a Barcelona = I'm going to Barcelona ≃ I'm on my way to Barcelona. It's an action during the moment of speech, focusing on the fact that the action has started and is not finished yet (I left my house already, but I haven't arrived in Barcelona yet)
9 months ago
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