"Nous sommes propres."

Translation:We are clean.

March 20, 2013

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You will hear it often at the Tour de France.


What does it mean exactly, for what situation French people would say this to a visiter, in a guesthouse?...I don't get it...


Can we say this in a drugs way? Like we are clean, we dont do drugs. Does it work in french too?


an earlier phrase by duolingo was 'ma femme propre' meaning my own wife. So, does propre mean clean and also own or is own just a colloquial meaning?


I have the same question. The last phrase was "Ma propre femme est seule - My own wife is alone" and here is "Nous sommes propres - We are clean" and the meaning change. Some moderator that helps us please!! some words just drives me crazy

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English also has its share of words that can mean different things. Like "mean", for example. It can be the definition or intention of a word/phrase/sentence, or it can be "cruel" or it can be "average". "Run" can be "to move quickly" or "a tear in fabric" or "to compete, as in politics" or "to operate, as a car or computer program".


I believe the placement of the word "propre" in a particular sentence will signify its context and meaning.

If propre comes before a noun ("ma propre femme"), it means "own."

If propre comes after a noun/verb combination ("nous sommes propres"), the word signifies "clean."

I hope this helps my beginning peers in learning.


Before the noun, 'propre' means 'own'; after the noun it means 'clean'.


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