When introducing myself...

My name is Jenna. When I introduce myself, do I say my name as I say it in English, or do I say "yenna" to fit with the dutch pronunciation rules?

1 year ago

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I'd pronounce your name the way you always do, I assume that that's also what you'd prefer to be called. The way you pronounce it, is the correct way after all. :)

11 months ago

I wouldn't really say it would matter, I wouldn't bother to change the pronunciation of your name to Dutch, especially if it was English in the first place!

1 year ago

it depends if you want to sound dutch or not

i've been speaking dutch for 40 years and i'm often mistaken for dutch....until i say 'ik heet fred'

i pronounce fred the english way, with a 'd' at the end, not a 't'...a fret is a ferret

2 months ago
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