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Review of course quality.

hello! i don't mean to butt in where i don't belong, but i have to confess i am very disappointed in the quality of this course, even at the beta/elementary level. i am studying for the JLPT N2 and took the placement test, just to see what it was like, and was stunned that proper grammar, vocabulary, and kanji usage were consistently marked incorrect in favor of much less natural sentences. it will be much more difficult for elementary students of japanese who are serious about the language to correct the mistakes this course teaches them, and i have seen very little by way of grammatical explanation or word definition to help even elementary students begin to pick up nuances of meaning or usage. it is extremely difficult to teach yourself japanese efficiently, and any classroom exposure would be better than hitting the books by yourself, but i just couldn't recommend this resource to someone trying to learn the language autodidactically in good conscience. i think this is a real shame, because this /could/ be a very good resource for someone who would like to take courses in japanese in the future, or who is just learning the language for fun. i have skimmed some of the posts on this board and it doesn't seem like the persons in charge of this course do maintenance on it all that often. is there some way to apply to join their team, or at least a formal review process in place? i don't mean to just complain; i would really like to help improve the quality of this course, if that's possible/appropriate. thank you for reading!

February 19, 2018



The course is still in Beta so it would have been more appropriate to wait until it comes out of beta before reviewing the course.


thank you! i understand your point of view, but i disagree. the earlier they receive this sort of feedback (ex. add the appropriate kanji to each lesson to distinguish advanced or heritage students from purely elementary students, and to teach it to elementary students alongside vocabulary), the earlier they can implement it in future lessons, rather than having to go back and make the exact same correction to each lesson in the course once it's completed. they can also test to see if it works for their teaching style/course goals, etc., and remove it if not. given my own experience with learning japanese in a classroom, i think such a change would be more natural/useful than the current hiragana-heavy system, esp. given that the course advertises itself as teaching kanji alongside kana; but this is just an example of why this sort of review might be helpful at this stage.

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