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Feedback on the Stories thing

I did not realise that hitting enter on the feedback would submit it,when I was asked... so I figured I'd post what I'd say here:


I was not ready for this. This was a case where I jumped into the deep end of the pool. Which I will likely end up doing the stories stuff a bit more often... but I was well beyond my current levels of capabilities here.

Would it be possible if you could have a version of this--but for stupid children who poop their diapers? As my first attempt going through this, I got the notion this was not super intellectual adults being super intellectual and adult... but some rather casual colloquial type topics going on here.

The fact I was still lost had me just going, "well... I'm on par with a stupid baby that poops their diaper here."

Then I realised that (at least in English) there is all kinds of language learning material aimed at stupid babies who poop their diapers (I'm being silly about my description on purpose here). Would it not be possible to throw up some stuff that has its required reading level dialled back quite a bit more?

Sure yes... many people would not willing grab different foreign language versions of Clifford the Big Red Dog. I am not one of those people. Clifford is the ❤❤❤❤ mang! xD I'd probably grab Clifford books in languages I know fairly well anyways. It is stuff like this that when people confront me about various drug habits, I'm fully well aware that they will never believe the truth that I do not actually do drugs. I mean... I'd not believe me if presented with me saying that I do not do drugs.

I would suggest having this be more optional, as doing the story system to more interactively handle the epic saga about "The Big Red Ball", "See Spot" and of course the many adventures of "Dick and Jane"... as only a certain set of people would go into doing those stories in other languages. People who'd not want this are also the sort that are inclined to post spoilers about "The Big Red Ball" and [spoiler] "Run Spot Run" xD

I dunno--I'm rambling here... but I'm not beyond admitting that I'm probably going to be easily out paced by children native in the language at my current level of abilities... and am more than okay with going through various children books of those languages. Though as an adult, it will also result in me making headcanons about Dick and Jane... but that is because I am horrible.

February 19, 2018


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