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Voice recognition: App vs. Browser

I do actually use the voice recognition thing when I can, because I'm the sort who can sit around staring at a screen all day without uttering but a word if given the chance. Whether or not doing the speaking exercises helps my pronunciation is still up for debate, but I digress...

My question is this: does anyone else's computer fail miserably at picking up what you're saying when compared to the app? I can breeze through speaking exercises on my iPad - I say it right or it hears me right usually first go, and sometimes after one or two tries. But on the computer, I am thiiis close to disabling them because of how frustrating they are. Repeating the same sentence twelve times before giving up and clicking 'skip' isn't teaching me anything; it's just costing me hearts and patience.

Also, is it possible that this a hardware thing? Like, is there a problem with my laptop?

April 16, 2014



You usually just have to recheck your settings. There's usually always something wrong. Nevertheless, putting your voice in isn't as accurate as typing, so it may cause some frustration, yes :).


The microphone seems to work very well on my Kindle whether I use the app or the web version. However on the laptop, it did not recognize one thing that I said. Eventually I just disabled the microphone for use on Duo's website.


Same here, tablets of all kinds seem to recognise better than the browser.

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