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  5. "His legs are long."

"His legs are long."

Translation:Seine Beine sind lang.

February 19, 2018



Could you also use 'Schenkel" as a synonym for legs?


Only for those of poultry ("Hähnchenschenkel") :)

We say "Oberschenkel" and "Unterschenkel" for the upper and lower leg, but not "Schenkel" for the whole leg.

A "Schenkelklopfer" is a knee-/thigh-slapper, a very effective (often crude) joke (often used ironically). I'd imagine "Schenkel" to mean "thigh" here.

Sometimes "Schenkel" ("leg", among other translations) is used in a technical context (for parts of tools or whatever); it also means one side of an angle.


I think it can't be Schenkel here because Schenkel is only leg in math and engineering or for some animals (as already said by stepintime), so it would be "its", not "his". Otherwise, you would be talking about the chicken legs of some butcher, for example, which is a bit far-fetched.


"Seine Beine sind groß."

Is 'groß' only when talking about how tall a person is, not body parts?


Groß corresponds to “tall” when talking about whole people. “Seine Beine sind groß” sounds exactly as weird as “His legs are big” ;)

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