Swedish tv series Äkta Människor available on Hulu

The Swedish tv series Äkta Människor (English title Real Humans) is available to stream now on Hulu, at least the first season and for some odd reason, episode 5 of the second season?

The series depicts a near-future world where mankind is served by domestic android servants and how these robots are used and abused and life for a handful that have become self-aware. The series had an English-language translation called Humans that played on AMC here in the US. Very much sci-fi in the Asimov robot vein. At least for the first season, the Swedish version is tied together much better and is overall a better story, which is saying a lot because I really liked Humans.

Warning - this series features Swedish cussing and nudity. Not suitable for minors.

February 19, 2018


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