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Help with a sentence

Guys, I've been studying Japanese, but I cannot translate a specific sentence. Can you help me?

The sentence is simple: "We all are one". How would it be in Japanese?

February 19, 2018



"私たちは皆一つです " ? or also "我々は皆一つです" ?

It reads more like "We are all one." which is actually the more common way to say it in English. The way you say it just puts a bit more emphasis on the word "all" in English. That word order does not exist in Japanese, I think. "I am one." would be "私は一です"., I think. I would like to hear from a Japanese speaker though.


Your translation is perfect! And I am a native Japanese.


我々は皆ひとつです(われわれはみなひとつです) Where and what context did you come across to this sentence by the way?


It's from a poem, actually. This sentence is isolated inside the poem, so I could send only that small part.


Native speakers tend to translate this as 「私たちはひとつ」.

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