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How do you prefer to work through your tree?

I have nearly finished the top 5 sections of the French tree, and am interested in seeing how other people work through the tree.

  1. When you have two branches, do you alternate between them? Or do you prefer to complete one first, then the other?

  2. When you have finished a lesson, but it is not perfect, do you go back and do it again to fill up all four squares in its bar? Or do you prefer to just keep moving forward?

  3. Do you do any of the other exercise options? (E.g. "Practice all Skills" on the home page, "Practice weakest words" on the vocabulary page, click on a weak word and practice it, ... are there any others I missed?)

My answers:

  1. I like to alternate.

  2. I went back and redid all of my lessons which I hadn't completed perfectly. However, I'm not sure about which is better. Expecting perfection and repeating a lot will take the fun out of it. But learning basics better will mean easier progress later on.

  3. I have tried all the options I mentioned. I didn't like practising a single word, because it just gave me the same sentences again and again ("J'aime manger des frites" for "manger"). I like seeing the list of words I've covered, and the chance to work on specific problems.

March 20, 2013



Normally, if I have enough time and if I am not too tired, I do a few new lessons and some revision. If I am tired, I only do revision or translations (they help to get points faster while spending less time). Usually I don't mix different new units, I rather do 2 or 3 new lessons from the same unit. On the next day I may take 2 or three new lessons from another unit if I have two branches. That depends, I don't have any strict rules about that.

I have not got the newer version with the golden bar. At the moment, I'm redoing all my lessons with less than 3 hearts from the beginning. I found that I was moving forward too fast and many words slip away from my memory. Duolingo version that I use now has no mandatory practice sessions and the word strength is shown only in the Vocabulary section that I don't frequent. (I'd be happy to practice weakest words there, but I don't like being given 2-3 points for every session instead of 10-13. Last time that I tried this bug had not been fixed yet.)

After I "upgrade" all my lessons to 3 hearts, I'll move on with the following idea: I'll repeat every lesson until I have full hearts and only then go on to the next one. I'll also use more timed practice inside the unit and make sure I pass it with full score before going to the next unit.


I do one category (like animals or food) before moving on to the next.

I redo the lessons constantly, but I usually have them all listed as "perfect" from the beginning. Still, I want to repeat them to get the words in my head. I'll practice over and over until I can go through timed practices with over a minute left on the counter and without making any mistakes.

I do practice weakest words (but I wish it would give me "seen the least often." I've talked about apples nonstop, but there are many other words I've only seen twice). I do the practice lessons until it tells me that I have no more words to practice and tells me to do a new lesson. Then I just go into my old lessons and practice those until I feel confident. THEN I do a new lesson.

I don't know why people don't like doing things that only give them a few points. I don't actually understand the... point... of the points. The game part to me are the hearts when I'm redoing lessons and the timer when I'm doing timed stuff. It's what keeps the fun going, I guess.


I care about the points in only one way: I aim at getting my coin stacks full every day. It helps me to stay motivated. Overall points number and levels don't matter to me, but there are people who care about them, too. It's a game :-)

  1. I alternate between different forks in the skill tree, but I don't like to start a new skill (however many lessons it contains) without getting all the way to the end of it.

  2. I'm experimenting with the review method I like the best! I am fairly new and haven't worked out a routine yet. But I've gone back and repeated a few lessons to max out the bars, but the pretty bars disappear anyway after a while, so I have been focusing more on unlocking stuff and moving forward. I am sure once I complete the tree I will go back and try to boost the ratings for all the lessons. I am very motivated by pretty bars.

  3. I tried "click on a word and practice it" but yeah, it just gives you two or three sentences. It would be great if you could make a vocabulary list of words you wanted to study, I'd use that feature a lot. But "practice weakest words" is an okay substitute.


I'm learning Spanish and this is what I usually do.I complete one branch first, and then another. I don't like learning two different kinds of material at once, I like to focus on one thing. I always go back again until I get every heart filled up. If I am having a hard time, I do the practice skill (timed) option and then retry the lesson when I am confident enough. I practice when I feel not ready to learn new material under weakest words. I do the practice skill option on lessons that are longer and have a lot of material that is hard to remember.

  1. Alternate to break the monotony.
  2. When I finish a lesson, I like to go back and complete those friggin hearts!
  3. I haven't done excersizes in quite a while.


I'd be interested in hearing from a language teaching expert on what is the best approach. There is always one topic that is starred in the tree. I've assumed that that is the recommended next lesson. This seems to favor "learning" and delays "mastery" for a long time. But the other direction comes from the email reminders which give some kind of goal and give you a link to click on to start. I noticed that what is recommended through the email is often not the next starred lesson.


I just follow the star. Once I learned all lessons up to a checkpoint (with full hearts, of course), I go back and master all the lessons one by one before moving on to the next group.


I don't know what star people keep talking about. I haven't seen a star on my page.


I have never had that on my page. Weird.


There are different versions of Duolingo running at the same time. Apparently you have another version and it has no star.

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