"To read is a great pleasure."

Translation:A citi e o mare plăcere.

February 19, 2018

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Any explanation why it's not "o plăcere mare"?


Both solutions are right. The given one is more poetic and yours is more natural. Report this error next time!


I've reported quite a few errors in Romanian already, and, contrary to other languages which I've learnt on Duolingo and in which I have reported errors in the past, the errors in Romanian never seem to get corrected. I think there's no one there at Duolingo who concerns himself with Romanian...


The Romanian course is a little rougher around the edges than most of them, but there is at least one person actively working on it as I saw a recent exchange on one between a person reporting and a person noting they had added it.

It sounds like it was unmaintained for a while, and some of the initial translations were a little rough to begin with. So there are definitely some issues, but there are also some signs of progress.


Agree - o placere mare should be accepted!

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