I just finished the dative case and my head is exploding What is wrong with this language? :D

February 19, 2018


German forces the learner to understand how nouns/pronouns are being used in a sentence. Depending upon what you consider to be your 'primary' language, the structure of German can be intimidating or not complex at all.

The number of cases differs among languages: German and Icelandic have four; Turkish, Latin and Russian each have at least six; Armenian, Czech, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Ukrainian, and Lithuanian have seven; Sanskrit has eight; Estonian and Finnish have fifteen, and Hungarian has eighteen.

damn i wont be learning them for sure :D

In addition, many slavic languages omit 'articles.' This becomes a problem for those of us accustomed to using specific words for "the, a/an, this/that". The reverse is also true. Speakers of slavic languages find it perfectly natural to say, "Is good idea!" or "What is? when speaking English. It sounds "right" to them
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nothing wrong, it's just not English ;-)

im not a native english speaker and its much harder than my first language as well -_-

What is your native-language?
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I'm not a native English speaker either, and my point stays the same. Languages shouldn't be compared by their difficulty (not even possible), they are simply different.

Also yes, at first every language will feel harder than your native language, that's because your native language is your Native language :-)

cant open the link friend

Its a joke. Since you didnt clarify your issue, its not possible to give some tips.

Nothing is wrong with the language; just accept that it is what it is.

In my opinion, the language is very well-structured. :-) (But OK, I may be a little biased ...).

What exactly is worrying you right now?

yeah it is and its hard too :D i think i will be alright after i learn these cases

Nothing. Every language has its little quirks.

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