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"Tamta děvčata poznávají tamta slova."

Translation:Those girls recognize those words.

February 19, 2018



"Those girls are recognizing those words" sounds wrong to me. Surely "recognize" is a non-progressive verb: http://english-zone.com/verbs/prgverbchrt.html

[deactivated user]

    Nobody would ever say this sentence in English. The progressive would be something like "those girls are starting to recognize those words" and the simple present would simply be "those girls recognize those words"


    DEVCATA is nominativ plural. Should not the demonstrative therefor be ´tamty´? And likewise, SLOVA is accusative plural and therefor the demonstrative here ´tamty´?


    You've gotten the cases exactly right! On the other hand, they are both neuter-gender words, so the demonstrative would be "tamTA" rather than "tamTY."


    "Those girls are getting to know those words". - Jako, že se učí ta slova znát.

    Je to úplně špatně, jen to chybělo, nebo tam mám nějakou jinou chybu co mi unikla?


    Would you say 'Those girls are getting to know those words' could be correct as well? Or does the translation 'getting to know' only work in the context of people, cities etc.?


    You would say poznávají for getting to know when you are getting some own experience, your getting to know some hidden beauties.

    For getting to know some words at school or anywhere else you would use "učí se ta slova".


    Also, "getting to know" is hanging on the edge of slang. If you accepted that, you would have to add many more different ways to express this sentence. It would become confusing.

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