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  5. "Ich habe neun Geschenke."

"Ich habe neun Geschenke."

Translation:I have nine gifts.

February 19, 2018



How can I distinguish between neuen and neun?


In this sentence, "neuen" wouldn't fit (would have to be neue or die neuen). In other situations you can just listen carefully for the 2nd e or rely on the context.


She said it wrong neun is not pronounted like neuen she said an e eventhough there is only 1 e in neun


Does Geschenk mean gift in both meanings it has in english: some present you give to someone and a special hability? Or just the first one?


Geschenk is a present so is gift. But there is a noun in German "das Gift" which means poison so be careful there. gift can also mean "das Mitbringsel" which is a small something you bring along with you to a party like chocolate or beer.


Probably better not to use the word Gift near Germans!


single noun is "das geschank" but "das gift"means the poison


The common German word German for "gift" is das Geschenk. Das Gift means "poison". The reason is that a long time ago, "gift" in the meaning of "something that is given" was used as an euphemism for poison.

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