"La finestra della mia automobile non è grande."

Translation:My car's window is not big.

February 20, 2018



The Italian sentence is wrong. "car's window" in Italian is "il finestrino dell'automobile".

February 20, 2018


I agree, nobody would ever say la finestra dell'automobile.

il parabrezza = the windscreen / windshield
il lunotto = the rear window
i finestrini = the side windows
il cristallo (or vetro) del tetto (or tettuccio) = the glass panel roof
i cristalli (or vetri) dell'automobile = the car glass

February 20, 2018


Thanks, very useful!

February 20, 2018


il parabrezza? Is there a story behind that; like why we use il problema or il sistema (which I do understand)?
As far as I'm aware, "parabrezza" is not a English word (like "computer"), so maybe it is imported from another language?

March 2, 2018


Parabrezza is formed from the verb parare (para is third person singular) = block, shield and the feminine noun brezza = breeze. Nouns composed from a verb and a feminine noun are usually masculine, however I don't know the reason for that :(

March 16, 2018


This is like "my car keys", "my car window is not big" should be accepted.

February 16, 2019


I agree. The English solution is wrong too.

February 25, 2019


So una finestra is always an architectural term? Interesting.

Does Italian have an idiom for "the window of opportunity"?
(I imagine that would use finestra, as well)

March 2, 2018
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