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  5. "Я не інженер."

"Я не інженер."

Translation:I am not an engineer.

February 20, 2018



То ли я дурак, то ли лыжи не едут. Почему исправляет с "I am not AN engineer" на "I am not A engineer"? Может это какое-то исключение, что там не "an", а "a"? Ничего нигде не нашел.


Лыжи не едут!

Somebody didn't sleep enough when creating the exercise!

Thanks for commenting, fixed it.

P.S. Funnily tho, both versions were "accepted" translations there: "I am not an engineer" and "I am not a engineer". I have no idea why you got such a message, according to how Duo rolls both should've been accepted O_o (which is still wrong but)


You are correct. The only correct answer in English includes the article "an".

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