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Conjugation charts on Dex-online

Grammar is very difficult for my small brain, and I can never remember what all the different terminology refers to in the context of grammar forms. Because of that and grammar being generally difficult for me, I need to confirm some things about the conjugation charts on 'dexonline'.

With the way the charts are presented, it looks like the columns in the first row ('Surse flexiune: DOR') are related to the columns below them ('person' and 'plurality') which form a graphical continuity of the vertical lines forming the columns in the first row. . . .

. . . Would I be right in assuming that the chart is like this because the columns in the two main rows are related?

Here's a chart for 'bea' (as that's what I've been looking at). I don't think it will automatically go to the conjugation chart from the link, you might have to click on the 'conjugări' tab under the search text field.


February 20, 2018


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How it looks right now it's a very unhappy way to present the information. No proper spacing, no clear differentiation between table head and table body... It's simply bad design. Your brain is fine, don't worry. I had the same feeling myself for a moment :)

No, the columns in the two main rows are not related. All they have in common is that they belong to the same verb, "a bea". In fact, all columns should be transformed into individual tables for the clarity of presentation. Also, many tenses are missing.

For an "a-ha!" moment please have a look here: http://conjugare.ro/romana/conjugarea-verbului-bea



That . . is much better. . . No chance of confusion there! Plus . . more info!


Internet tools can be hard to understand sometimes. If you want I can send you via e-mail a few books in Romanian on Romanian grammar. ;-)


My e-mail is mikerowen13 at gmail.com


Multumesc mult for the offer! However, that sounds way too advanced for me right now. I'll save this webpage though for future reference. That's how it works best for me. If I get them off you now, I'll file them away somewhere and forget about them.

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