"Ich mag die Geschwindigkeit von dieser Technologie."

Translation:I like the speed of this technology.

February 20, 2018

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"I like the pace of this technology." is marked wrong??


Same here. Pace is the better word for the English translation.


Pace is a much better word. No English speaker would say 'I like the speed of this technology'


Well it depends on what about technology you are taking about. Pace to me would be if you are talking about the advancement year over year.

An example would be the pace we shifted from tube TV's to flat screens and even now to 4k and 8k screens.

But speed would be appropriate when talking about specific things like how how much faster a graphics card can render an image over an on board processor. Or changing from tape backups of computer servers over to an SSD hard drive backup solution. Or for the tv example the speed of refresh rates going from 60 hertz to 120 and even 240.

The original English sentence isn't the best constructed especially without context. But 'speed' can work in some situations.


Still marked wrong on oct 2020. Can someone please add this alternative?


2021 and still marked wrong!?


Better: Ich mag die Geschwindigkeit dieser Technologie.


Ja. Aber der präpositionale Genitiv ist auch möglich und verbreitet.


... und mancher hält ihn für den Anfang vom Ende vom Genitiv :D . Ich würde nicht sagen dass der Satz von Duo falsch ist, aber mit Genitiv klingt er besser für mich.


Does the German word for speed really need so many letters?


Geschwindigkeit is die Schlüssel! By the time you finish saying "speed is key" in German, you already slowed down :P


I think it should be Geschwindigkeit ist der Schlüssel. Schlüssel is masculine.


The first time I saw this sentence, I translated into German, "Ich mag die Geschwindigkeit dieser Technologie." which I feel is more natural. When I saw "VON dieser Technologie" I thought "from this technology." Any reason my translation is wrong?


I would say it's not wrong, in fact, it's a more proper translation. Conversationally, many people neglect to use Genitiv.


"I like this technology's speed" was marked wrong. Why?


I put "I like the pace of this technology" and it was wrong. I'm sure they have used the word "pace" for this word!!!


I like the speed of this technology. Pace is a perfectly acceptable translation but still, 24/06/21, not accepted


I accidentally wrote tech instead of technology and it was not accepted. I believe it should have been?

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