3 chairs

On a question about 3 chairs, I was marked wrong for typing 椅子三つ instead of 三つの椅子. Aren't they both the same? Also, I thought the more typical syntax was to name the item first, followed by the number.

Regardless, if both are acceptable, neither should be marked wrong.

February 20, 2018


From what I've tried, the course accepts:

三つ(の)椅子があります。- Speaking of the three chairs, they are there. / There are three chairs.


椅子が三つあります。- Speaking of the chairs, there are three. / There are three chairs.

Emphasis is in the italics.

椅子三つ is something like "chairs three" (and 椅子の三つ would be chairs of three), doesn't really make sense.

Modifying part (how many?) comes before the modified part, just as adding adjectives to nouns. You would say "white cat/白い猫), not "cat white".

Ah, I think I understand now. Perhaps I was marked wrong for not having the ガ in the right place. If I recall, I may have put the ガ after 椅子三つ.

Thank you for the clarification!

「椅子三つ」and「三つの椅子」are the same meaning. But 「椅子三つ」is grammatically incorrect. It should be 「椅子が三つ」

Thank you! As I mentioned in the reply above, I may have put the が in the wrong place.

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