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Crowns on android app??

Upon opening my android app just now, i was met with a notification that stated something about earning crowns by levelling up skill of somesuch.

nothing else has changed. no crowns.

February 20, 2018



Ah ok, I was wondering if i needed to change a setting or something to turn it on.

I can find no such setting...


Yes, it sounds like the new format is being released. I was lucky enough to be in the test group and I'll share my reaction. At first, I thought it was going to be tedious because there are so many repetitions...really a lot...but I have since come to recognize that after doing the repetitions I can now use the language (I chose French for the trial) without having to think of conjugations, genders etc. I have internalized a lot.

I'm now in love with the new format. Hope you find it helpful.


I wonder if it is possible to go back? to me it's a turn off ... my goal was to keep the bubbles golden, now I will probably give up after a 1170 days streak


I agree. The challenge has gone now and it has become boring. Pity.


Ok, so you opened the app and it had it? Should I log out of both of my devices and re-login to get this to work? Or do I have to complete a tree completely and get them all gold before i am able to do the crown system? But nonetheless, congrats on the crowns system and please let us know if it is as much fun as it seems. Also here is a lingot for you, just because you're awesome.


You don't need (and can't) do anything to get this feature. Duolingo decides that. But it looks like we'll all get it soon.


well, I will wait with excitement because it looks super fun. And logging out and back in didn't make it show up, in case anyone else wonders haha.

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