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"Pick all correct answers" always one

I really like this course but have a minor bit of UI feedback.

Every time I get a "pick all correct answers" question where there are three sentences, there is always just one correct answer. Early on it really confused me and made me reconsider what I'd learned because I kept thinking one of the others was right. Now it just seems odd. Could this be changed to reflect only one right answer in the final course?

I'm on Prepos A/Thou so maybe this changes later?

February 20, 2018



"Pick all correct answers" always one .

Not really. For most of the courses I've learned so far, yes. But some of them, such as En-Vi, no.


Oh, I posted this in the Czech section so I was just talking about that course.


we can turn up the heat on more right answers, but it is not that fair in the part of the tree you have seen, as there is just not enough knowledge to build on. in the next row down we can start including more of the ty/vy variants as correct because you are supposed to know the concept from Thou.

also, we do not control the number of the right answers directly. we can mark the answers we want the system to consider for use as correct in these exercises alongside the main answer, but the system will then elect the number of correct choices between one and whatever we mark. if we mark two, there will be one or two correct choices. mark three or more, and there will be between one and three.

as a practical forum management point, generally no one complains if these exercises are too easy (just one right choice). you may just politely ask a question. we take that any day. on the other hand, people get cranky and vent if they get told that they forgot another right answer. knowing that, we may have erred on the side keeping the peace, especially this early in the course.


I came across a few exercises, where you had to choose two right answers. They are rare, but they are included in this EN->CZ course as well.


I have come across some where there is more than one correct answer. When you have to choose, usually only one answer is correct, but there are some later in the course where this is not true.


There are just enough of those questions with more than one correct answer to keep you honest and motivated to look at all the answers.

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