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After duoLingo

I've added France24 to my Daily Briefing on my Alexa so that I have a clue what's happening in France. It's just headlines, but it's something that is happening outside the United States.

This morning I went to the France24 web site, and noticed a link in the menu to their other web sites. Once of those web sites was labeled "Learn French". So I followed the link to see what was available.

There are interesting resources available on this site once you've completed the duoLingo tree. The one that most interests me is the daily ten minute news summary in easy French. (https://savoirs.rfi.fr/en/apprendre-enseigner/langue-francaise/journal-en-francais-facile) I'm not there yet, but it might be a good substitute for the weekly News in Slow French podcast. (Or something to build up to?)


February 20, 2018



I much prefer the RFI broadcast - the Slow French becomes a bit cumbersome fairly quickly. I at least listen to RFI every day, sometimes will read the transcript. I listen to the podcast while walking.

However, I would not see this as 'after Duolingo'. At level 9, you are probably still somewhere around half to two thirds of the tree. I would suggest you just start listening to it in some downtime to build your ear. Learning a tense like the future somehow is an order of magnitude easier when you have started to pick it out and are trying to understand the construction rather than memorize it. There will be a couple of weeks where you spend 10 minutes a day getting every 10th word, and then it will start to flow.


Thanks for the encouragement.


"There will be a couple of weeks where you spend 10 minutes a day getting every 10th word, and then it will start to flow."

That's one of the most encouraging things I've read—thank you. I get frustrated with myself when I have a hard time following, e.g., French audio on DVDs of films I know well in English. But what you've said resonates with me, and I appreciate it.


Can you place a link to the RFI broadcast please?


You are awesome, FredrikVC! Thanks a bunch for the heads up!


NtateNarin, nice! That is so amazing that you have a three year long streak! I wish I had the motivation to do that.


Thanks for the link! Great idea!


Is it necessary to buy some paid subscription to access RFI Savoirs, do you know? I registered account there but all audio appears with "Ce contenu n'est pas disponible." Can't understand what am I doing wrong, googling doesn't help :(

Upd: turned to be my firewall issue.


Thanks so much for this

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