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About eight months ago all of the audio for the Swahili course had been recorded. Is there any news on when it will be incorporated? I see that the course is no longer in Beta, but i'm not hearing any sound yet.

PS Thanks to the makers of the course for all of their hard work.

February 20, 2018



They promised to add the recorded audio but then never did and never explained why. Duolingo would know about the problem and why it is not getting added, they have just chosen to deal with it by not saying or doing anything at all. Nearly all other courses have audio and they have been adding new voices to some of them, so I don't see why one course can get the audio added especially when it has been recorded. Courses come out of beta when the number of error reports has reduced to a certain amount, it seems that people gave up reporting because the reports were never responded to and the errors were never fixed, so Swahili probably just came out of beta automatically. Personally I think it should be put back into beta because it is not a great impression for new users.


I agree. Is there a way to contact the contributors of the Swahili course? Hopefully, there is, and if that's not possible, someone should contact Duolingo and tell them to add the audio. If that doesn't work, some fluent Swahili speakers need to apply to become contributors because the current ones seem to be inactive.


I'm Kenyan; how can I become an contributor?


BrandenRyan has an active instagram account (username given on his DL profile), so someone who also has an account on this platform could try asking him what became of the Swahili audio there.


I managed to find his email address via his blog (linked to on his IG) & emailed him a couple of months back. No response. Never tried IG itself, because I don't use it, so maybe that would actually work. Somehow, though, I doubt he has any inclination to continue, I believe he's left Tanzania now & is probably doing something else that is taking up all his time.


Now I look, I see that Emilianmbassa is also on instagram, including a photograph of him recording the Duolingo audio(!) Unfortunately, he has no usefully-linked 'blog and email.


When I was Alpha Testing the course, I asked him when the audio would be ready, and he said it was in Duolingo's hands. (they had already recorded the audio and sent it off to Duo HQ at that point). They only know as much as us.


We know that they are capable of uploading recorded audio files because other courses use them. If the files were somehow lost I think enough time has passed for them to re-record them, so I really don't know what excuse Duolingo could have.

Still I think I would be a bit annoyed if I had given time to record my voice, sent it to Duolingo and then have them not added and never hear back.


I wonder if there could perhaps have been some misunderstanding whereby they thought DL was doing it and DL thought they were doing it.

I find the idea that DL staff would ask to add audio themselves manually a bit odd, as it is both a time-consuming, repetitive task, and it is much more easily done by someone able to speak the language in question, which presumably no DL staff members could or else they would have been involved in the creation of the SW course.


Of course there would be the problem in the Swahili course...literally the only African language on all of Duolingo... sigh v.v


I agree that something must be done about this issue.


I am not sure what we as users can do to make them respond, they have blatantly ignored the situation and can continue to no matter what we do.


Download "Hello Talk" there are really awesome people you can talk to that speak Swahili that will assist you with pronunciations. The app lets you send audio and it will also translate texts.

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As I have done all exercises and there was no sound at all, i believe now that Swahili is just a sign language.


yeah the audio would really help.


Here's hoping this gets solved soon...


Is there even any plan of doing so? We've been asking for ages... the only answer we get is Duolingo's deafening silence.


Has this been solved yet?

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