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"My parents did not speak to this teacher."

Translation:S touto učitelkou moji rodiče nemluvili.

February 20, 2018



Word order "Moji rodiče nemluvili s tímhle učitelem / s touto učitelkou" acceptable?!


the teacher could be feminine or masculine?!!!


In cases like this, where there is no clear context, all appropriate genders are accepted.

With very few exceptions, every exercise has multiple -- quite often very many -- acceptable translations. Only ONE of them can be shown at the top of the page as the "main" translation, and the one that is shown for CZ-to-EN translations is generally the one considered to be closest to the Czech sentence (in meaning, not in terms of literal translation). The CZ sentence is the starting point for all exercises, whether an exercise is CZ-to-EN or EN-to-CZ.

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