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"Do you have to wear glasses?"

Translation:┬┐Tienes que usar lentes?

6 months ago



i used tienes form & was marked incorrect; telling me I should use the usted form. Reported

6 months ago


Why do we have to use 'que', when 'usar' means 'to wear'?

1 month ago


If I remember correctly, I believe that "Tener+ que+ verb"

is used very commonly signifying "someone must+ verb". So I am assuming it is more natural in this context.

3 weeks ago


The "que" is part of the verb phrase "tener que )+infinitivo del verbo)" which means "have to{+ verb infinitive.) E.g. "Tengo que ir al banco." -- I have to go to the bank. "Ellos tienen que salir temprano."-- They have to leave early. "?Tienes que estudiar hoy?" -- Do you have to study today?

This is a very common construction in Spanish, just as in English.

1 week ago