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Defence vs. Defense

I have encountered several lessons where "defense" (American spelling) is marked wrong and "defence" (British spelling) is marked correct spelling. I have reported it every time I encounter it.

Why aren't these issues addressed more quickly? This is not the only issue. There are numerous user comments that need addressing in many lessons.

April 16, 2014



There are several millions of people filing reports and a relatively small group of people handling the reports. If you have reported it once, please do not file an extra report. It will take longer to read and process other people's reports regarding other errors. Thanks! ^_^


Time to enlist trusted volunteers. There are many people willing to help.



I misunderstood that for a second. Yeah. :)


And it is capricious. Sometimes it is the British spelling that dings you, sometimes the American. With absolutely no way to know which way it will go. I have run into this on the German program. so much so that I spent an hour last night being thwarted by such silliness, achieving no points and losing my 'day streak' - which is also stupid because I was working in the program.

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