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I Passed My Chinese Proficiency Exam!

For those who might remember, 3 months ago I took my school's Chinese proficiency exam in order to get some credits for the graduation requirement for world languages as well as to show my proficiency in the language. I hadn't heard anything back until today, where I discovered I passed the exam!

I found this out when I went to my counselor today to pick my classes for next year. I figured by now, late February, my exam was graded and my counselor knew the results. It's there that I found out I passed the test and earned two credits!

The way exams work at my school are that passing a language exam counts as taking the first two years of a language and thus receiving two credits towards the graduation requirement for world languages. If you did "Okay", it would count for one credit. Because I passed, I earned two credits and will now take Chinese 3 next year!

I also decided next year I will be abandoning Spanish and pursuing Korean as well. So next year I will be taking Chinese 3 and Korean 1. The reason for this is because the Spanish language drives me crazy and I cannot bear to sit in an AP class for it (which is what I would have done if I didn't pass my exam, so thank goodness!), especially given the teacher I'm with in Spanish 4 and the fact that she also is the only teacher for AP Spanish. Plus I am way more into Chinese and Korean. I haven't told my parents yet so I'm wondering if this will blow over with my parents successfully.

I'm also wondering if it's possible to skip Chinese 3 and move on to Chinese 4 next year. That way, I will be able to take an AP course for a language for senior year.

The only thing that I'm curious about at this moment is where my certificate for passing the exam is. My counselor said it was sent to my house a few weeks ago, but I have not received anything. Truly odd.

Now I'm wondering if I can take this exam again in the spring (I heard somewhere it was possible) and I'm thinking about taking this exam again for junior and senior year but for different languages. Thinking about it makes me feel excited for the future.

Quite honestly, receiving this news was really relieving especially given my current academic situation, which isn't terrible, but in the eyes of my parents it is. This was the mental boost I have needed for a long time. ❤️

Edit: I finally broke the news that I'm dropping Spanish to my parents. They gave me a grunt ("really?") and just moved on. They were more upset that I refused to take an AP class for US History instead. So, lucky me, I suppose? I have a habit of worrying too much on tiny things. I guess this is one example of that.

February 20, 2018



I was actually going to ask you about this, but I didn't know how or when to bring it up. But, I'm so glad you passed!

Oh, and you're going to study Korean? YES!

Anyways, congratulations!


Korean was actually the first foreign language I wanted to learn, but due to my curiosity of like every other language I kind of neglected it. I'm excited to get back into it, though!


Very cool to hear. I wish I had the chance to take Japanese, Chinese or Korean back when I was in school. Courses in any of those languages where I live seemed non-existent back 15-ish years ago. Hope it goes well for you if you do decide it's right for you. ^^


I am so incredibly happy for you! I could never do something like that. I commend you.

Also, have you been using those really cool Chineasy tiles. I noticed you are following their Tinycards account.

Before I saw those, I had 0 desire to learn Chinese. But after I explored their website, I want those to learn Chinese so bad. They are a little pricy. ($69 I think)


They only cover a tiny amount of vocabulary sadly.

Unless they've been creating a lot of new ones. I can't install their new app.

But last of what I noticed the creators of Chineasy seemed more keen on cashing in rather than on creating.

[deactivated user]

    That's awesome OmegaGmaster! Congratulations :)


    That is awesome! Congrats! I took four years of Japanese in high school but they took it out of the system after I graduated. We had Chinese too but it was gone but my sophomore year. I don't think we ever had Korean. So I'm a little jealous ;) But all the same, I am happy for you! I know you have been down a little so I am glad you've gotten a confidence boost.


    That is great, congratulations!


    Wow, wow, WOW! This is amazing, congratulations! 真厉害! :)


    That is wonderful (but not at all surprising) news.
    Congratulations ^_^


    WOW!!! Conglatulations!!!


    Such wonderful news!! Congratulations!


    Congratulations, that's good news!!


    Congratulations!!! You have done a great job. Follow your dreams and enjoy your way to your goals


    That's fantastic!! Good job; and best of luck on your journey in Korean and beyond!!:))


    heck man i'm a day late but congrats, that's really awesome! also, having been bored nearly to tears by spanish classes in grade school, i'm glad you won't have to endure spanish ap ;)


    Congratulations! That must have been a tricky test. I'm proud of you! :D

    In the event the certificate wasn't sent with any tracking and can't be found, would it be possible for your school to send you a replacement?


    Forgive me for being a couple days late, but congrats! Best of luck with Chinese 3 and Korean 1. It's neat that your school has these classes—schools in my district, as far as I know, only offer Spanish, French, Japanese, and ASL. I would want to take Chinese :)


    Wow! your high school offers Korean? I'm jealous :(


    It technically isn't part my school; it's part of a sister school, and next year I will have to take a bus there every other day.


    I'm four days late, but congratulations! That's amazing! :) And good luck with Korean.

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