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Oops. A couple mistakes in Travel lesson.

Please, make corrections to this sentence in the chart at the bottom.

从机场到酒店怎么走?(从 is followed by the starting point of the action 走)
Cóng jiǔdiàn dào jīchǎng zěnme zǒu? <- This pinyin does not match the characters. The hotel and airport are reversed.

How to get to the hotel from the airport? <- This is not proper English. As an English speaker, I would say "How do I get..." or "How do you get..." or "How does one get..." Your question does not have a subject so is not a complete sentence. I notice that an Indian friend of mine uses your format for questions, though. Maybe it's a British thing.

February 20, 2018

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"Maybe it's a British thing." As a Brit, I would say it's possible in certain circumstances, but not the question that first comes to mind and I agree with you that in this context it's not "proper English"! But there are several examples of "not proper English" in the Chinese course – which I've only recently started. It's rather annoying, to be sure. I'm just glad it's not "How go hotel from airport?" ;-)

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