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Vocabulary list

When I was using Duolingo to learn Spanish, a list of vocabulary that I had learned was provided. Will the Chinese version ever provide that?

February 20, 2018



Step 1. Switch to Spanish course.

Step 2. Click "Discussion".

Step 3. Duplicate tab. (So you now have two tabs on Spanish course viewing the Discussion page.)

Step 4. Current tab: Switch to Chinese. (Can close this tab once it loads.)

Step 5. Other tab: Click "Words".

Enjoy. ^^


Why would they hide this from us? Makes no sense lol.


Wow thanks! Never knew you could find the vocabulary of the chinese course!


Not working for me. Perhaps they fixed the loophole?


Were you on the "Discussion" page when you clicked "Words"?

If you were on the "Home" page instead, then clicking "Words" won't work and will just give you the "error 404" page instead. This is why step 2 is important.


Hmmm... worked perfectly for me just now?


This is great! However, it only gives a list of the words in characters. No pinyin or translations. Probably for the best so that I can truly test myself.

Never mind. I'm an idiot!


What browser did you do this in? The first time I tried it in Safari it was too quick and the "words" link disappeared. The next time I tried it I was quick enough to click on it but I got a 404.


There's no need to be quick at all. It sounds like you are trying to click the "words" link in the same tab as the one you switched back to Chinese in. Steps 3 to 5 clearly say to be using two separate tabs.

Maybe Safari doesn't have tabs? If this is the case, you can instead use two separate windows or even two separate computers/tablets/phones.

Please read the steps very carefully. I haven't written "have two tabs on Spanish course viewing the Discussion page", "current tab", and "other tab" for no reason. ^^


No, I see now that I was messing up the steps and clicking in the wrong tab. Thanks!


Great trick! Seems like it would be so easy to add a direct link via the Chinese course.


I think it is because languages like Portuguese, Spanish and Italian have been developed further than languages like Chinese and Hindi. Just a guess. It's all volunteer ran and it takes a lot of time to do different alphabets and characters. But like I said, this is just speculation.

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