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Dou Problem

Dear Duo, Hi Duolingo. I have a problem. Quite a lot of people have this problem. I am not trying to be a bad sport or so, but you need to add multiple answers. I've seen a lot of comments in the discussion saying "oh I say it ........" or "we don't say that in my country" and so on. So I'm gonna show you an example: 不客氣!再見! . In Canada, we might say it as your welcome, goodbye. But in other countries, they might say it differently. So, I ask you Duo to please add multiple answers. If you do, thank you very much. From, Katherine

February 21, 2018



I see the problem,too.In Chinese,"冬天快到了。" and "快到冬天了。" almost have the same meaning,both can be translated to "Winter is coming.".However,in the test,the latter will be "wrong". As a "pure" Chinese person,I tried over and over again to pass the last checkpoint.Maybe it is because my English isn't good enough... I hope the course will be more humanized.It is hard since Chinese and English are quite different. At last,I'm delighted to see that more and more people are learning Chinese. Welcome to China!(This is only for those who are friendly and objective)


In Canada, we might say it as your welcome, goodbye.

Do you mean you're, not your?


There are no apostrophes in Canada.


Ah, I see! Canadians no long speak English! Actually the your/you're confusion is not really a matter of apostrophes, but of the distinction between possessive 'your' and the contraction of 'you are'. I would be happy for English to rid itself of apostrophes, but then we would have to write all verb forms out in full (at least in formal contexts) or make a distinction between 'your' and 'youre'. Either way, 'your welcome' is substandard, except in "Your welcome was heartwarming".


How would you say it differently in other countries?


Ooh, thanks for that! I have seen the same problem with English English/American English, etc. while learning Danish. Wish there was a Sticky on this...


Oh , Thank you for this, I also met many problems on this, your example of this is that you are offered guess or goodbye


When you enter a correct translation that is not accepted you can report it, so that the team can add your translation to the list of accepted answers. (Obviously you should only report things that you are completely sure about.)


Many things in the Chinese portion of Duolingo from what I see have been reported for three months back and nothing has been fixed. I hope that Duolingo isn't dropping Chinese support. I've even shown my wife(who is Chinese) my answers, which she also answered the same way that I did and Doulingo marks it wrong. Plus, when I get a correct answer wrong I'm charged in health, then I have to use my Lingots to replenish my health which I purchased for something that isn't wrong... .


Three months is sort of nothing in Duolingo error fix time unfortunately.

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