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My problems with the Swahili modules

I have recently started the Swahili course and I have been struck by the lack of audio (which I understand has been done but not included?). My other frustration(as I am moving into the more complex lessons) is starting a new class and being confronted by words/phrases I've never seen before and being asked to do the translation cold... and then being cut off because I have exhausted my 'health' because (unsurprisingly) I have got them wrong. What is with that (particularly annoying when I am paying for Plus)?

February 21, 2018



You can tap the words to get the translation. Also you can try making a new account. As far as I'm aware some accounts get health and some don't so Duolingo can see which users use the app most regularly. You can also increase the number of gems you have for free to buy health, by resetting your language course and starting again because you get 50 (100 if you watch the ad) for every skill you complete. My recommendation would be to make new accounts and see if you can get one without gems (I have 2, one with health and one without), failing that I suggest doing the course on the web. Hope that helps.


That's great, thanks. The 'game' aspect is really annoying so I might look at the alternative. I must have ticked something along the way. Trouble is I have paid for the Plus subscription which is not refundable... grrr!


I didn't know they'd brought back the stupid hearts system!? I only use the web version (both on PC and phone).

Doesn't Plus just mean you don't get ads?


That was my understanding about Plus.

Like you I only use the web version, but I think they d things really differently on the app.

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