"My older sister is twenty four years old."


February 21, 2018

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I placed 是 after 姐姐 and got wrong answer. I still want to know when to omit 是 in sentences.


When stating or asking someone's age, omit "是".


That was a funny (yet accurate) answer lol


It's kind of hard to explain it but I'll try: The 是 belong to system more like [person, object] is [person, object]. I'm still a beginner in Chinese so this system might be wrong though, buy that's all I know


why is 是 not used


I'm pretty sure omitting the 的 is also accurate.


我姐姐是二十四岁 what's wrong with this? Is not saying 的 here and saying 是 wrong? 是 feels a bit out of place.


是 should be omitted.


why 是 is not used after 姐姐?


”岁“ I find is most often used for very young people. I think “年多” is actually more accurate in this case.


That's incorrect, and it's hard to tell what you could be referring to.

Perhaps you're thinking of the question "你几岁?", which is used for asking young people how old they are. The issue isn't with "岁", it's with "几", which implies a relatively small number.

"毛泽东万岁", literally "Mao Zedong ten thousand years old", means "Long live Mao Zedong".

"年多" means "or more years". For example, "十年多" means "ten or more years". Perhaps you mixed this up with "你多大?", which is the way to ask an adult their age. They'll still respond with "岁".


the answer given is exactly as I wrote but I was marked wrong.....?


apparently i forgot to put a full stop at the end of the sentence, what? I've never had to do that & i can't do that


You usualy do not use "de" with persons.. It can be seen as rude. Like you're talking about someone who s in your possesion..


That's what I was taught. Not that it's rude, per se, but rather perhaps overly formal and distant. I typed 我姐姐十二四岁, and it didn't accept my answer. On other questions where I've omitted the 的 with family members, it has accepted my answer. I'm not sure if it's a difference or just an oversight. Either way I'm going to report it so that the developers see it. This is a small course, and it's also very new. It's important that we report issues like this to the developers so that they can review it.


I think it's because you're supposed to answer 二十四,not 十二四?


I do not have Chinese characters on this website as I did before so how can I answer in Hanzi?


My mom is chinese and tells me that it was incorrect


The incorrect term is 是,you must use only 有...


No audio for 的。


These "no audio" comments aren't really productive. None of us can do anything about it.

You can try using the "report" function for the question, or you can submit a bug report.


However hard i try i cannot type nuer, right


Try typing "nver". That should give you "女儿".

It's actually "nü'er", and most pinyin-based IMEs use "v" for "ü" where it has to be distinguished from "u".

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