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Fluency percentage

Does anyone know why the fluency percentage keeps going up and down? I practice every day but every time my percentage goes up, it will go down again. It does this many times before it actually stays at the higher percentage. It is extremely annoying!!

February 21, 2018



Disregard, it is not important!


The fluency level will drop if exercises/words you have mastered become weak. Even if you practice every day, levels can drop. Even if all exercises are strong some words can still be weak and need practice.


The percentage seems more related to DL marketing than to one's actual ability to speak. When I finished my tree in French more than a year ago, I was at 65% fluency according to DL. I kept at the French. It is fun, and good practice. Sometimes if I have a lot of time on my hands I spend more of it on the site, and hence I'm more exposure to the advertising, even when I just skip over it. Recently after a binge of practice, I reached 72%.in French. I took an international placement test and was at 75% of much harder text. I have discovered newsinslowfrench.com where I spend more of my time. My DL"fluency" ranking dropped to 69%. If anything I am increasingly fluent as "newsinslowfrench" is more conversational. I have over 50000 XP points in French. I can speak French with francophones and be understood. I have more than 50 years of study. Italian is much newer to me. I have been learning it only 10 months. I have 24000 XP points and my fluency is 68%. All to say the fluency rating really has little to do with fluency and more to do with time on the site aka advertising exposure.

I don't say this negatively about DL. I am grateful for its existence. It is fun and educational. It helped me build vocabulary for use in Italy. I do not believe it will ever make me a fluent speaker. I am also using "newsinslowitalian". I like the speed of DL. I like the contextualized conversation of "newsin".

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