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What are common kanji that I will see in video games?

I'm trying to learn Japanese. I'm a pretty big gamer and want to know some kanji that I would see in RPG's. For example, I'm playing Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch. I'm seeing kanji for Village and Mayor that I am learning through Google translate.

If you're a gamer, what are some Kanji or words that you normally see in games?

February 21, 2018



My guess is that since the games are tailored to a younger audience, you are most likely to see the kanji that are learned by that age.

I have a pokemon game in Japanese, but I haven't been able to read much of the Kanji. When I set the game's text to "kana only" I have a much easier time. (I know about 300-400 kanji)


I wish this game had that option! It would make it so easy. But so far, I learned some kanji for village and Forrests. That seems to be a theme in this game and I can imagine that being common with other games.


I am sure you will need all the environmental Kanji. But also, elements, things regarding travel, survival etc.


Arigato! That is good advice.


It depends on how old the games you want to play. Many older games are not able to display kanji clearly, so they were only in hiragana and katakana. The kanji of newer games are easier to read. The type of kanji you will encounter definitely depends on the genre. If you want Monster Hunter, study vocabulary used for that game. If for example you want to play a video game on Japan's baseball league, it would help to study baseball terms in Japanese. Just some thoughts...


Yeah, It's Monster Hunter XX that I'm trying out. Slowly but surely, I'm getting it down. I have my translator next to me and when Kanji pops up, I take see if I can decipher it before I pop it in the translator. So far, I am recognizing kanji for bone, village, and shop!

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