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"¿Qué bebieron los niños en el almuerzo?"

Translation:What did the kids drink at lunch?

February 21, 2018



Shouldn't "los ninos" come before bebieron? I'm under the assumption that the noun= the children/kids come before the verb=drank. Is this not how Spanish works?


It can be in either order. It's like "¿Comen pan ustedes?" and "¿Cómo están ustedes?".


I said what did the boys drink at the lunch and I was marked wrong and it suggested 'kids' surely both are correct?


Just now when I translated it as "What did the boys drink at lunch?" it was marked correct.


Why isn't 'what did the boys drink for lunch?' accepted?

'For lunch' sounds much better than 'at lunch' which sounds rather contrived to me, even if it is the literal translation.


It's accepted as of..

Dec 9, 2019


I translated it as "What did the children drink at the lunch?" and it said that I used the wrong word and that the correct translation was "What did the children drink at lunch?" The only word that I use that is different is the article "the" before "lunch". While I can understand that it might generally be translated the way they do, is there any reason why including the article "the" before "lunch" is wrong?


I tried "drink for lunch" and it was rejected but I reported it.


Likewise. I am much more likely to say "for lunch" or for whatever in this type of situation, rather than at whatever.


Me too, “drink for lunch”. I’ll report it


Come on! I put "what did the children drink at lunch" and this was marked incorrect


Really Duo I responded "What did the children drink at lunch?", And you marked it wrong for "What did the kids drink at lunch?"


did you report this?


Me too..what is wrong with that?


Well, Duo must have listened to you. 'What did the children eat at lunch' was accepted today (Jan 1, 2019).

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