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How can I remember things better?

I need help remembering certain words and characters, I don't why I keep forgetting them. Does anyone have any advice?

February 21, 2018



Here's a few techniques that help:

  • Flash cards (TinyCards, Memrise and Anki are good sites with this style of learning, but paper flash cards will do)

  • Writing the character over again for 2 lines of a notebook paper (I keep around a binder with paper in it for this kind of exercise, I'm mostly using it for Thai right now)

  • Speaking the sound of the character out loud as you read it.


Flash cards can help.


you can write them down it really helps me it is a good way to do it


I recomend u the app/site "anki" and "duolingo tiny cards" Those apps/sites are pretty fking usefull to memorize words and sentences that u are learning. And also i should say that u dont need to worry if u forget some words or characters, its pretty normal dude... It happens all the time. U just need to keep trying and trying, and dont get frustrated. When u forget something just say to urself "okay i dont know it, let me see what that means" and then sooner or later ull memorize it


I actually prefer Quizlet over Anki cards.


Fellow Quizlet user here. By now, I have more than 1000 Duolingo sentences in flashcard lists.

I like that Quizlet is easy to use (there isn't the kind kf steep learning curve you have with Anki), and that it allows great flexibility of learning method. (I use "Write", mostly, going from English to Japanese but the "Cards" feature is also useful. And there are more options.

And I also like being able to hear the Japanese read to me.


Sing it ! ...that helps !


Liken the word to other words or learn similar vocabulary words and then use them in sentences.


Try KanaTown on the Google Play store. KanaTown helps me alot learning hiragana.


For the stubborn ones I try to come up with mnemonics. Like, Thursday (もくようび) is comedy night where they mock something; Friday (きんようび) is when your next of kin arrive - you get the idea.

Find something that works for you - for hiragana, you can google "hiragana mnemonics" and see if anything resonates.

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