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I need some simple conversation starters!

I have a study buddy who is willing to speak German with me so we can each practice our words; problem is, we can never find something to say in German! If you have any ideas topics please share- keep in mind that I still lack fluency so the simpler the better. (Think of things you might ask or talk about with small children.) Thanks!

February 22, 2018



A children's game comes to mind called Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst

The first person has to think about any object, he can see. He then says: "Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst, und das ist blau."

The second person than has to guess, which blue object he was thinking of.

After the correct guess you switch parts. Of course, the color varies.

That way of course you won't repeat any grammar, but you can study lots of nouns.


A few simple ones...Was machst du am Wochenende? Hast du Hobbys? Hast du Geschwister? Depending on the reponse you can then follow up with further simple questions, such as if your study buddy says he/she has a sister you can ask how old she is, what her name is or where she lives. Good luck to you both!


Thanks! I'll need it!


For subjunctive and subordinate clauses, a tough but interesting one I read somewhere is:

Wenn ich viel Geld hätte, .... (fill in) ...würde ich ein teueres blaues Auto kaufen.

(Next person starts with your prompt starting with wenn)

Wenn ich ein teueres blaues Auto hätte... (come up with something) ...würde ich über das ganze Land fahren.



That one is great!


“Hallo, guten morgen”, hello good morning


How about asking - "Hast du heute was vor?"

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