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After finishing the French tree, how much of the languages grammar would one have been exposed to?

I'm just curious to see how much grammar duolingo covers. I know you have to use many resources to learn a language, I'm just curious to see how much of the grammar duolingo teaches you.

February 22, 2018



Reading the grammar sections is obviously a good start, but a separate book on grammar is probably a good idea. In practical terms, just Verb conjugation alone will require drilling from a separate source, since there are just a few skill sections on that in DL, and they don't cover that many words and their cases.


You are exposed to the vast majority of it, but that doesn't mean you have been extensively drilled and understand it. I tend to use a textbook to drill down on areas where I find I struggle, the Duolingo explanations are sound but don't go into much detail or cover exceptions.


I think you get exposed to the most common tenses used in current speach and writting but it does not cover some of the more literary tenses, such as Passe Simple for example, which is useful to at least be able to recognize. One good way to see is to look up a conjugation chart, such as http://bescherelle.com/le-conjugueur-bescherelle and you can type in any verb, and compare the tenses/moods covered by duolingo compared to all tenses. There are also common slang/abbreviation’s which aren’t covered by duo but are useful to recognize. I really like Lawless French as a supplement to learning grammer https://www.lawlessfrench.com.


To sum up what everyone is saying here: Not much.

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