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  5. "我们想坐在这里。"


Translation:We want to sit here.

February 22, 2018



Why is "here" not placed before the verb in the chinese sentence?


I don't know the exact grammar to explain this, but my guess is that it has to do with the verb, for verbs that contains the meaning of "be situated at", you put "在 + place" after the verb, while for other cases you put ”在 + place" in front of it.

eg :
1) After the verb 车子停在路边了(The car stopped by the road) 小明躺在床上(Xiaoming is lying on the bed) 他死在森林里 (He died in the forest) 2) Before the verb 我们在操场上跑步(we are running on the playground) Beyonce 在舞台上跳舞 (Beyonce is dancing on the stage)


My guess is that it goes before the verb when it describes where the verb is taking place, and while you want to sit here you aren't seated here yet and so that's not where youre doing the wanting or the sitting.


Is 我们想坐这里 wrong?


Shouldn't "We would like to seat here" be accepted? I have reported it


No, I do not think so: "We would like to sit here," maybe, but probably not "We would like to seat here."


would like vs. want ~ would like is more polite


This can also go without the 在.


Why do we use zai here ??


Since lǐ 里 is used even to indicate something inside (like 冰箱里有什么? ) can then zhèlǐ means 'in here' (like a private room or something)?


No, but you can say 这里面, which means 'in here'.


thank you very much


This is why I don't like trying to learn new languages from english. If I try to textually translate this particular sentence I get "We want sit being here" which I suppose means "We want to sit here". Whereas in spanish I understand it as "We want to be sitting here" Anyways, what is the true meaning of this in mandarin? Does it mean these guys intend to sit here? Or do they want to remain where they are sitting? Or does it make no distinction?


I guess you're interpreting 在 as "being" because of its use in present-participle sentences. I think of 在 as "at," 这 as "this," and 里 as "place."

"We want sit at this place" or "We want sit at here" both make more sense in English than "We want sit being here."


Can I also say "我们想坐在这儿"?


我们在这里想坐。is this correct?


So you'd better move fast!

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