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Negation of "Forever"

I know to say never you say "ne jamais" but what if you want to say not forever? Is it just ne pas toujours? Par exemple: La tristesse durera toujours. Would "The sadness will not last forever" be "La tristesse ne durera pas toujours"?

February 22, 2018



La tristesse ne durera pas pour toujours.


Well, 'pour toujours' with the meaning of only 'toujours' is common in spoken French, but is not very correct. I mean 'durer pour toujours' is clumsy.

The correct use of 'pour toujours' is for instance in: 'Elle est partie pour toujours, on ne la reverra jamais'.

So 'La tristesse ne durera pas toujours' suggested by Brigid is absolutely correct. Just a little too literary for spoken use.



<pre>exceptionnellement jamais parfois particulièrement </pre>
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