"We are going to a party."

Translation:Nous allons à une fête.

February 22, 2018

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The drop down dictionary shows "allons"= "going to a" with the a included?


I wrote but then removed the "À" as I felt it didn't elide with "Une"....wrong! I didn't have any audio for this question so am puzzled as to how this would be said. Can anyone enlighten me please?



You can listen to it here: https://forvo.com/word/%C3%A0_une/#fr

Also, this is one place that Google Translate serves a purpose. If you type in the sentence and click on the speaker icon (bottom left-hand corner of the dialogue box) a voice will recite the sentence. Just be sure to have it set to translate from French.



The first drop down option -which is usually the correct way- shows "allons" = "are going to" as the first choice to get the right answer. Notice "to" is already included making redundant the use of "à" ="to". Which way is correct? It is really hard to learn French as it is but on top of it the DL rules and team members disagreements on translations make the learning process even more challenging and very frustrating. This is supposed to be fun :-)


Why is "nous allons a la fête" not accepted?


You wrote the equivalent of "We are going to THE party" they wanted "We are going to A party."

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