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"We make ourselves a bell for the church."

Translation:Noi ne facem un clopot la biserică.

February 22, 2018



When a translation has "for", when does one prefer "la" va "pentru"?


I would say PENTRU biserică, not LA.


Ioan is correct. The preposition makes the difference.


Surely, it shouls be biserica not biserică? As the definitive article is present in he English scentance


Hello Lacusta! The given translation is right. I am a native Romanian speaker and it sounds unnaturally to say "biserica". The definitive article in Romanian is used for something already mentioned/known by the speakers. In English, it is used to mark "an accusative case", although English does not have a case system. General rule: in Romanian, if a noun is preceded by a preposition, it does not take the definitive article only if the sentence does not give additional information about it (Noi ne facem un clopot la biserica de lângă tine.). I hope you understood what I tried to explain! Baftă în continuare!


After most prepositions Romanian doesn't use the definite article even when the noun is definite.


How do we know when the direct object of a verb (here, "un clopot") needs "pe" in front of it and when it doesn't?

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