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  5. "It is cold, take my jacket."

"It is cold, take my jacket."

Translation:Es ist kalt, nimm meine Jacke.

February 22, 2018



'Jacke' is feminine, so you use the article 'die'. Therefore, the feminine Version of 'mein', is 'meine'.


Un caballero de pocos


it could also be the other way around, you just don't know


In german no one would actually say "Es ist kalt." it would be proper to say "Es ist kalt mir."


In German you say: es ist kalt - it's cold. Aber 'Mir ist kalt' means 'ich friere' I'm freezing. I am cold. That's the difference.


And the same with this?? Why is "nehmen" conjugated as nimm? My brain!!!


Its in the imperitive so it goes to the du conjugation and the -st gets dropped du nimmst to nimm


Would someone be so kind as to explain why the following doesn't work?

"Es ist kalt, nimm meinen Mantel."


Because Mantel is generally more like a coat, overcoat or cloak (i.e. it is larger and heavier than a jacket) so Duo did not include it in the list of correct answers. However I checked my dictionary and it does include "jacket" as one translation of Mantel but only if it is an overcoat type of jacket (whatever that is!). https://www.dict.cc/?s=Jacket So you could have reported it but I think it might have been hard to convince Duo to allow it.


Ich habe es gut gemacht.

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