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"Hier zijn vooral warme kleren."

Translation:There are mostly warm clothes here.

7 months ago



This is the second sentence using 'vooral' where 'mostly' doesn't seem to fit. Could someone explain what the actual meaning of this sentence in Dutch is? 'There are mostly warm clothes here' to me means 'most of the clothes here are warm, but some are not'. Is this it? If you take 'vooral' to mean 'particularly' or 'especially' then it would mean 'the clothes here are warmer than clothes elsewhere'. I am confused :(. TIA

6 months ago


I think vooral literally means 'before all' (voor al)

2 months ago


I put 'Here are especially warm clothes' as vooral was translated as especially that in another lesson. The correct answer I was given was 'here are above all warm clothes'. I agree with lQWfKaAZ, this isn't making consistent sense.

6 months ago