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"School" section is almost unuseable

I know there are a lot of things to be ironed out and I'm doing my best not to get mad because I know there are problems "backstage" with some contributors leaving etc, but I've just spent about half an hour banging my head against a brick wall in the "school" section of the Chinese tree and I need a lie down.

There are SO MANY minor variants that are rejected - things like "have to" instead of "need to", "hard" instead of "difficult", "finish" instead of "end". In the end I resorted to literally copying out the "correct" answers into a Notepad document and pasting them in next time they came up because I just couldn't face wasting any more time trying to memorise each One True Answer.

Could someone have a good look at this section in particular? It's driving me round the bend.

What in God's name possessed you to ever graduate this course from beta? It isn't anywhere near ready, and with the loss of course contributors it probably won't be ready by the end of the year either. Is it possible to downgrade it back to beta? Because if so you definitely should. Like, ASAP.

February 22, 2018



Didn't realize Chinese was no longer marked as beta. It definitely still should be.


Yeah. A while back a couple of users (LazyEinstein I think?) were valiantly (and rightly) defending it against howls of criticism on the grounds that it was still in beta so we should all accept that we were half-users and half-testers. Then suddenly it got released from beta and nobody knows why!


I noticed this in the German course too.

I can't complain too much though, I still think I've gained a lot considering it's a free app.


Courses graduate from beta when they get below a threshold of 3 reports per day per hundred users. That's still kind of a lot at the end of the day. Mature courses can have report rates about 1/6 that.


Interesting - it hadn't occurred to me that coming out of beta might be an automatic rule-based thing


I'm using New Practical Chinese Reader 2 as my main study source and I find so many mistakes in duolingo Chinese which makes duoling almost impossible to continue my studies here. This app has potential, but there are to many frustrating draw backs and missing features going from web to mobile apps.


Just started this course and will almost certainly delete it. I can't make head nor tail of it and the level of frustration I am currently experiencing is simply not worth it. I have to say that duo does not do well with non Latin alphabet using languages (or maybe it is just me) and the quality control seems to get worse with every new course.


The Chinese course is clearly oriented around teaching the recognition of characters. If that's not your focus, I see why it wouldn't appeal. It's definitely a tree where it's most advisable to strengthen each skill a lot before moving on if you're a beginner. My level 12 represents about 9 skills worth of content, for example, so somewhere around 400 XP each.


I agree, I personally think it's insulting and demeaning to both the users and the course contributors, that they marked this as graduated from Beta. It's clearly nowhere near the level of the other established courses on the site. Besides the alternate translation issues, there are some other really deep deficiencies in the Chinese course.

It wouldn't take much for them to just mark it as still being in Beta. I think this would be more respectful both to the users, and the course contributors.

If I were a course contributor I would be embarassed and disgusted to see that DuoLingo had marked the course as graduated from Beta...because it would be taking something that I had a role in creating and claiming it was "finished" when it wasn't really up to any sort of reasonable standards.


I just started Chinese, so I will see what it's like when I get to the schools part.


Yeah, the Chinese course is bad. Compared to the Spanish course, it's extremely frustrating to use.

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