Hungarian for beginners - reading advice

Hello everybody. I am a beginner in Hungarian learning and i am trying to find some easy text online or even books for kids to be able to practice the basic Hungarian vocabulary and sentence creation out of Duolingo context. Do you have any links, advice, authors to recommend?

February 22, 2018


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On Youtube, there are a plethora of shows geared towards Hungarian children! This includes 'Hungarian Folktales', Frakk, PomPom, Doktor Bubó, Vuk, Süsü, and more - you'll bound to get some with the recommendation bar. In fact, my icon is actually from one of my favorites from childhood, Mazsola és Tádé (which were short films using puppets)! Themes of morality, social norm, and general fairy tale tropes are most prevalent.

As for websites, I would recommend It contains various games, videos, readings, music, and more geared towards the younger generation; meaning that the language will be more simple and easier to understand.

Sok szerencsét!

February 23, 2018

I like to watch hungarian TV on the web, M2 broadcasts a lot of animations and cartoons in the afternoon.

You can also watch the past episodes (or watching them later)

(a green circle means that the emission is available free on demand)

I also found on Amazon "Simple hungarian - Conversational topics" by Alexander Pavlenko. These are short stories (1/2 page) on a topic. The main characteristic is that a same word appears several times with different forms (singular, plural, and most of the postpositions). Beginner, intermediate and advanced level available. Very helpful !

March 3, 2018

EDIT : it's not the green circle but the green symbol ((())) that means the emission is available on demand. Unfortunately, the cartoons aren't.

March 4, 2018

I would like too.

February 22, 2018

Lyuk az Égen, by Tóth Lázló has short children’s poems and rhymes and Kajla Fölöp Kalandjai, by Keszeli Ferenc is a nice book of short stories about a curious rabbit and his friends. They might be more of an advanced beginner/intermediate level, but they are both books I recommend if you can find them.

February 22, 2018
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